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Timber TLC

By Candace Sofianos King | Photos by Creative Commons We delve into why wood maintenance is essential in ensuring the longevity of your beloved timber. […]

Maintaining excellence

By Candace Sofianos King | Photos by the ITC-SA A healthy roof is a longstanding one, therefore the regular maintenance of a roof is imperative – not only for its longevity but also for safety and cost reasons. We investigate the best methods of roof inspection, repairs and maintenance. […]

All decked out

By Candace Sofianos King With outdoor living a firm favourite pastime, external timber decks have become one of the most used ‘rooms’ of the home. […]

Lasting preservation

By Candace Sofianos King | Photos by Creative Commons. As a natural and renewable building material, timber has undergone maintenance for centuries. What preservation processes are used today and how can correct timber treatment extend the longevity of wooden structures? […]

SA spoilt for choice with timber

By Ina Opperman Timber is fast becoming more popular as people turn their backs on artificial materials that impact the environment negatively. However, higher demand puts more pressure on the availability of local and imported timber. We spoke to some industry players to find out more about the availability of timber for construction, products, projects and shop fitting. […]

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