The City of Cape Town is determined to fast-track the process of making Cape Town a home for all who live in it. On Friday, 300 beneficiaries from Joe Slovo Park in Milnerton became the latest title deed recipients.

Title deeds handed to residents last week are for the Breaking New Ground houses, which are state-subsidised homes. The beneficiaries, who are already living in the houses, were selected from the City’s housing database in accordance with the City’s allocation policy.

Joe Slovo Park’s residents are facing challenges including unemployment, poverty and substance abuse. These title deeds, which confirm the beneficiaries as the rightful owners of the houses, will go a long way in helping to improve their lives.

“A title deed is more than just the piece of paper it is written on – it restores dignity and gives the homeowner a sense of belonging and an opportunity to interact in the property market, among other things.

“I am pleased to issue the title deeds to the beneficiaries who have been waiting for them for some time now. Home ownership marks a start of a new story for the beneficiaries. I want to urge them to look after their homes and ensure that they are well-maintained so that their properties in return can increase in value and be valuable assets that they can proudly leave behind for their loved ones,’ says the City’s mayoral committee member for Area North, Councillor Suzette Little.