By Ilana Koegelenberg
Anyone who has ever attended the world-class Wood Conference event, would know the name Zaida Davids – the hardworking event organiser who dedicates her time to all things HWZ in South Africa.


Zaida Davids, organiser of the Wood Conference (among many other things).
Image credit: HWZ International

Davids’s job is currently threefold as she holds down the position of branch manager for HWZISA International, as well as property manager for HWZI Properties. She is also the event organiser for the popular annual Wood Conference. “I refer myself to being a Jill of all trades,” she jokes.

Her responsibilities are quite varied and include the day-to-day running of the company as well as things like meeting with clients at the show house, liaising with clearing agent, and even accounting duties. Then there’s the overseeing the daily upkeep and maintenance of the property in Camps Bay and organising the annual Wood Conference, to name a few. The rest she tackles on the fly as they pop up.


So, why did Davids get started into the industry? “It was purely by luck that I was recommend for this job as a secretary which has now become much more than just a secretarial position,” she says. “But I am enjoying every moment of it.”


Davids loves what she does because she says it has opened her up to various new experiences and challenges. “Every task I do for the company is so rewarding and fulfilling. It has taught me so much. I never thought I would achieve this much as a person. And best of all, the team is amazing!”

There have been many career highlights for Davids, but one of the most rewarding is seeing the annual Wood Conference become such a successful, five-star event over the past couple of years. As the event organiser, she has worked very hard to take this conference to greater heights.

“Every task I do for the company is so rewarding and fulfilling.”

According to Davids, she also remains attracted to the industry because of its heavy focus on being green and sustainable.


“I am excited about the future as there are many things that I would like to achieve,” says Davids. She’s particularly excited to see the company grow within the timber industry.


“My past negative experiences make me value each day and have changed my philosophy in life to consistently be an honest, loyal person with integrity and morals – be it professionally or personally,” says Davids. “As a single mother, this keeps my motivation to succeed in everything I do.”