UNESCO highlights the importance of timber-framed structures as distinctive symbols of Chinese architectural culture.

Found throughout China, timber-framed structures form an integral part of ancient Chinese architectural culture. The wooden components such as the columns, beams, purlins, lintel and bracket sets are connected by tenon joints in a flexible, earthquake-resistant way. The strong frames can swiftly be installed at the building site by assembling components manufactured in advance.

Added to this, the architectural craft encompasses decorative woodworking, tile roofing, stonework, decorative painting and other arts passed down from masters to apprentices through verbal and practical instruction.

Employed today mainly in the construction of structures in the traditional style and in restoring ancient timber-framed buildings, Chinese traditional architectural craftsmanship for timber-framed structures embodies a heritage of wisdom and craftsmanship and reflects an inherited understanding of nature and interpersonal relationships in traditional Chinese society.

Take a look at these majestic timber masterpieces: