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The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) is responsible for regulating its professionally registered membership within the different categories of registration as approved by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Registered persons are required by the ITC-SA Code of Conduct to practice strictly within their area of competence and to maintain and enhance this competence. They therefore have the responsibility to keep abreast of developments and knowledge in their specific areas of expertise to maintain their competence.


The ITC-SA imposes a duty on a registered person to apply for the renewal of his/her CPD registration with ITC-SA. Credit: ITC-SA

In addition to maintaining their own competence, they should strive to contribute to the advancement of the body of knowledge within which they practice, and to the profession in general.

The ITC-SA is mandated by the ITC-SA Board to inter alia serve and protect the safety and health of the public by establishing and maintaining minimum standards of practice, knowledge and skills of registered professional to ensure the upholding of prescribed industry norms and standards and to see to the maintenance of professional ethics among all designations.

The ITC-SA imposes a duty on a registered person to apply for the renewal of his/her registration with ITC-SA “at least three months prior to the prescribed expiry date of his/her registration.” SAQA confers the power to the ITC-SA to determine conditions for renewal of registration.

ITC-SA shall also determine conditions relating to continuing education and training. The discretion provided for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a mechanism to determine renewal of registration, gives the ITC-SA the opportunity to comply with both the renewal of registration and CPD requirements.

However, it is not ITC-SA’s intention to ‘police’ every registered person’s career. The ITC-SA’s point of departure will be to assist with the creation of a culture of CPD for all its professionally registered members.

The ITC-SA therefore instituted a system of CPD, which commenced in 2017, which has been linked to renewal of registration from 1 January 2017 for all registered persons according to the policy set out in the Policy on Continuing Professional Development document.

Click here to register and log your CPD activity with the ITC-SA.