All aboard Creation Museum’s Noah’s Ark, a life-size wooden replica of the Bible’s most iconic structure.

Creation Museum’s mega Noah’s Ark replica in Kentucky, USA. Credit: Creation Museum

At the heart of the Creation Museum in Kentucky is the recreation of Noah’s Ark – built to proportions found in the Bible.

The five-storey mega ark structure is made of more than 900km of wooden planks. Measuring 155m long, 26m wide, and 16m high, the ark was built from 3.3-million board feet of timber.

Employees worked 24 hours a day and six days a week for 11 months, cutting wood to build the large freestanding timber-frame structure.

Constructed at a cost of more than $100-million, the structure is regarded as one of the largest wooden-framed buildings in the world. Concrete was used to hold up the museum exhibit on dry land.