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The City of Copenhagen has been chosen by C40’s 17-strong Mayoral Steering Committee to host the 2019 landmark C40 Mayors Summit which is committed to bold action on climate change.

Denmark’s capital Copenhagen will proudly host the C40 Mayors Summit 2019. Credit: Creative Commons

Taking place every three years, the C40 Mayors Summit brings together the mayors and leaders of the 96-member cities of the C40 network from across the globe.

The Copenhagen Summit will celebrate and share the most effective climate solutions being delivered in cities worldwide. Mayors, CEOs, philanthropists, investors, scientists and citizens will come together to shift global markets and create the sustainable, prosperous and healthy future for the world’s great cities.

Previous C40 summits have been hosted by London, New York, Seoul, São Paulo, Johannesburg and Mexico City.

“Copenhagen aims to be a true global leader in climate action,” says Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen. “We have a goal to be the world’s first carbon-neutral city by 2025 and believe Copenhagen provides a model for what a sustainable and liveable city looks like. We look forward to welcoming mayors from across the globe in October 2019. The summit will seek to inspire the world while remaining uniquely Danish.”

 According to Anne Hidalgo, Paris mayor and C40 Cities chair, 2020 will be a crucial deadline in delivering on the highest goals of the Paris Agreement. “The Copenhagen Summit represents a unique opportunity in defining the future that we want for today and for future generations in the great cities of the world,” says Hidalgo.

Jesper Nygård, chief executive of Realdania, says, “Hosting the C40 Mayors Summit in Copenhagen will provide a unique opportunity to showcase the success of Danish climate innovation to the world and will provide Danish actors across all sectors with inspiration from the most ambitious cities on the planet.”