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Whether you’re making rip cuts, crosscuts or angled cuts up to 1 220mm long, the portable Accu-Cut does it with super-simple setup, precise accuracy and amazing control.

The Kreg Accu-Cut makes straight, accurate, splinter-free cuts in plywood, MDF and other large sheets more easily as it transforms your circular saw into a high-performance, track-guided cutting system.

The Accu-Cut design makes it simple to set up by just aligning the track with your cut line. No clamps are required to hold the track in place thanks to dual guide strips. They feature an anti-slip coating to prevent slipping, and an anti-chip feature to prevent splintered cuts. Plus, the track makes it easy to make straight cuts on sheets that don’t have a straight, flat edge.

The track guides your saw straight while a universal sled holds your saw on the track in perfect alignment. The sled accepts most left-blade or right-blade saws. To cut, just make a couple of marks on your sheet, align the edge of the track with the marks, and you’re set.

Place the saw on the starting block which aligns the blade and supports the saw as you start cutting – and then slide the saw along the track. Strips on the underside of the track hold it in place without clamps, and hug the blade to prevent splintering.