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Workshop17 won Best Coworking Space, South Africa, 2018 at the recent Southern Africa Startup Awards. It was one of 75 local finalists shortlisted across 15 categories. 

Workshop17 West Street Sandton Central. Credit: Workshop17

The sought-after award was presented to Workshop17 for being “a coworking space that deserves recognition for its services, support and resources to fast-growing tech start-ups, and for creating a culture and environment that fosters innovation.”

Workshop17 (formerly Open Workspaces) creates and manages spaces in which startups, freelancers and companies – big and small, profit and non-profit, new and experienced – can work, meet, collaborate and innovate. It is a leading coworking space with an increasing number of locations in South Africa.

Since its first coworking space opened in 2012, Workshop17 has grown into five iconic workspaces hosting over 2,000 members and 500 companies. More locations are in the pipeline.

The Southern African Startup Awards are part of the Global Startup Awards, which spotlights those who dare to dream big and shape the way our future will look. It brings together ideas and talents from seven regions and 50-plus countries. Workshop17 will also compete in the regional grand final later this month.