Drivers can have a massive impact in saving on operating costs in the transport industry, which is why Ctrack by Inseego has dedicated solutions to track and monitor driving behaviour and identify instances like harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, engine revving and excessive idling, among others.

Drivers prone to these types of behaviours cost transport companies thousands of rands each month, and not just through increased fuel use, but also in vehicle crashes and increased vehicle maintenance.

However, when management is armed with powerful information about how their vehicles are being driven, they can take the necessary remedial steps to address these problems, reduce their costs and potentially save lives.

Management information provided by Ctrack also provides detailed information about their employees’ working hours and whether or not vehicles are driven for business or private purposes.

Ctrack offers various product solutions such as fleet tracking, cameras, jamming detection, trailer and asset tracking with live software reporting options, reducing a lot of manual intervention for fleet and asset types.

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