Compiled by Benjamin Brits | Photos by Moments in Time

Designed and created for the community to experience a warm, casual space to connect and enjoy exceptional freshly-baked goods is George’s Bread & Co.

Located at the K90 mall in Boksburg in Johannesburg, the store serves quality baked goods while showcasing the versatility of mixed building styles including timber design elements that fulfil visual and functional appeal.

Project brief

The use of mixed building materials in design has become increasingly popular for stores such as this.

From a design point of view the brief was very open. M Designs was contracted to come up with a bakery name, logo design (created by G ‘n T Designs), a concept design and store layout. The client required consideration of their services – baking – and operational details which include the flow of the bakery and customer experience. Being a very general brief, M Designs was fortunate to have been given free rein on finishes and design elements.

During the briefing process the company spent time with owner George Moustakis to discuss the project and Moustakis liked the idea of earthiness and an industrial feel. Plus wood that is robust and durable, adding the earth element to the store, was therefore required to produce the end result.

The base colour palette selected was cement tile, which is also well suited to the industrial side of the brief. Adding to the base palette are textures of grey painted bricks, glass mint tiles, oak timber in plain and grey wash and metals coloured in black and rose gold. Greenery was added to complete the overall desired look. The successful execution made the site look and feel like a bakery, even before the products were added to the store. The unique use of lights completed the store to create a very desirable venue with a distinct European feel.

Timber finishes

An old looking wood that is textured and durable is the finish that was used on this project and – with guidance from INEX Projects as to which wood and finishing to use to capture this feel – white oak was recommended for its grain effect and earthy feel. Oak is a hardwood so has an extremely long lifespan.

A monocoat was applied to give the oak a warm feel and two colours were chosen to add further texture. Specialized Coatings’ products were used on all other areas of the project.

Specialized Coating’s Polyurethane Direct2Metal (PU DTM) is a fantastic product that saves time and is extremely durable. With direct to metal application (DTM), a single coat is required and available in any colour. The dry film also exhibits excellent resistance to abrasion, hand fats and discolouration.

Specialized Coating’s Polyurethane (PU) Multicoat Clear Lacquer was used on most of the work surfaces to ensure proper seal of wood and to ensure the lifespan is maximised with excellent water and stain resistance, as well as resistance to hot plates. Being highly abrasive resistant it has an exceptionally smooth, silky feel and appearance that will not yellow or discolour.

Mixing up building materials

From the design phase using textures to compliment the wood elements was a must. The store counters are a combination of wood, brick, tiles and steel finishes.

Branded wooden tables add to the experience for clients.

To ensure the industrial feel, store bulkheads were made completely out of steel and installed. Store display units were made with the wood and steel finish; the combination has a dual purpose to ensure an industrial design aesthetic and for its high durability in a retail setting.

Getting the timing right

With any project moving from the concept phase to the installation phase there are naturally challenges based on time and budget schedules. This particular project luckily ran smoothly with the client embracing the design concept and ensuring the correct contractors were used to execute the presented concept.

The end result

The completed project is always a highlight in seeing the design coming to life and of course having a client that is happy with the outcome is the ultimate best result. With a good team, any challenges or hiccups experienced can be overcome, as was the case with this project.


Project Information

Store name                         George’s Bread & Co (K90 Mall, Boksburg)

Designer                              M Designs

Logo design                        GnT

Shopfitting                          INEX Projects

Paint / coatings                 Specialized Coating Systems