With the Kreg Jig® R3 (R3), you can build bookcases, shelves and storage projects and it’s also great for creating custom built-ins and countless other projects – and the R3 can be used portably.

The jig includes a clamp pad adapter which allows the jig to be easily secured to your workpiece using any standard bar clamp, C-clamp or Kreg Face Clamp. Differing material thicknesses and independent positioning sliders featuring nine depth settings allow you to easily join materials from 12mm to 38mm thick in 3mm increments.

The organised carrying case is included and provides a safe storage place for your unit and to organise all its accessories.

The blue body of every Kreg Jig® is made from a heavy-duty, glass-reinforced nylon, which offers the resiliency and flexibility you need without sacrificing strength and durability Kreg customers expect.

The R3 set includes clamp pad adapter, stepped drill bit, 152mm driver bit, depth collar, Allen wrench, starter Kreg screw set, pocket-hole plug set and owner’s manual – all inside a durable, compact carrying case.

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