The revisions of the SANS standards are slowly coming to completion. Two standards, SANS 457-2:2018 and SANS 753:2018 related to softwood poles, were approved in December 2018.

softwood poles

SANS standards regarding softwood poles are almost complete. Credit: Pixabay

SANS 10005 and SANS 754 are presently out as draft South African standards for public comment, due to close by the end of February 2019. SANS 457-3 and SANS 1288 are lagging behind, but will hopefully advance to DSS stage in a month or so.

The South African Wood Preservers Association (SAWPA) will supply licenced electronic copies of all new standards published after 2017 to class 1 members, including the standards. Plants and preservative suppliers therefore need not buy the standards. We have already purchased licenced copies of the two approved standards.

Due to the nature of the changes all the standards must come into effect at the same time, and therefore only once all the standards have been published will we commence with distributing the standards to members.

Source: SAWPA