The South African Wood Preservers Association (SAWPA) offers some helpful information on disposing hazardous waste.

A lot of waste is generated at timber treatment plants and it is essential that the waste is disposed of correctly to avoid polluting the environment.

This advisory note aims to assist treatment plant owners, management and staff in managing and disposing of contaminated hazardous waste generated at treatment plants and to inform and create awareness to the obligations in complying with the NEMA (Waste Act No59 of 2008) and the associated regulations and norms and standards.

Treaters are advised to refer to the applicable regulations and norms and standards or consult with their chemical preservative supplier or consult with an expert consultant on waste management.

This prevents and minimises the generation of hazardous waste to prevent any contamination or pollution of the environment. Minimising your hazardous waste footprint also reduces the costs associated with its disposal.

Any material, other than timber, that comes into contact with a wood preservative solution or concentrate is regarded as hazardous. This includes contaminated personal protection equipment (PPE), sweepings collected from the bund and drip pad areas and sludge formed in the vessel or tanks.

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