A forest is not only useful for supplying timber used in different applications, according to Forestry South Africa, a forest also makes for good recreational activities as well.

FSA has launched the Forestry Explained recreational map detailing the activities and attractions that are found on forestry-owned land and open to the public.

About 30% of forestry-owned land is unplanted and a large proportion is set aside for dedicated conservation. These include vast swaths of grasslands, riverine ecosystems and indigenous forests. Besides their obvious conservation value, these areas provide ample recreational opportunities on top of what is provided by the plantation forests themselves.

Whether it is trail running, hiking and mountain biking adventures you seek or serene days spent bird watching, picnicking and taking in spectacular views, forestry-owned land has something to offer everyone.

The Forestry Explained recreational map makes accessing these activities and attractions easy. It showcases eco-activities of forestry companies and private individuals in one user-friendly recreational guide. Its interactive nature allows people to explore what’s on offer, along with the important information for the perfect forestry day out.