Stabila is celebrating 130 years of innovative tools, which tradesmen have relied on since its cutting-edge folding ruler was launched in 1889.

Precision measurement is essential to a range of applications, from DIY to construction and automotive and even interior design.

“Professionals across the board must be able to rely absolutely on the accuracy of their measuring tools. However, this year we have something particularly special for the select few,” comments Charl Weber, Upat’s national product specialist.

To commemorate 130 years of existence across the globe (with 70 years in South Africa) Stabila has launched the limited edition 80AU 1889 Series Measuring Kit, consisting of a 1m black spirit level, a 60cm yellow level, a 40cm white level and a 7cm Pocket Pro, which is ideal for checking electric boxes and other small-space items.

“It’s a perfect gift for DIYers or those in the construction industry whether they are just starting out or long-time professionals. The 80AU’s precision is unquestionable, with 0.5mm accuracy and improved range. It is made from a thicker aluminium than previous levels, making it more robust,” Weber adds. The collector’s kit makes for a superb corporate gift for everyone, from industry professionals to CEOs.

The milestone launch started on 1 March 2019 and Weber adds that collectors should be quick off the mark. “It really is a limited edition, with only certain stores receiving stock,” he says.

The kit is aimed not only at collectors who have purchased similar commemorative Stabila sets every decade, but is ideal for anyone who needs a full set of levels – from bricklayers to electricians. Those fortunate enough to purchase the kit can also purchase a yellow padded protective carry bag for safe and convenient transportation.

“Well-established in South Africa and with the technical backing, distribution and warranty support of Upat, anyone who purchases the limited-edition 80AU 1889 Series Measuring Kit will be the proud owner of robust, precision tools that meet international standards for a lifetime,” Weber concludes.