Sappi’s sustainability strategy builds on its 2020Vision, people and core assets and aims to create real value by contributing to business growth within the context of the constantly changing external environment in which it operates.

Meeting customer needs with new products, investing in innovation, establishing more transparent supply chains, treading more lightly on the planet and developing people creates a compelling business case to drive Sappi’s sustainability strategy forward.

To make this happen Sappi needs collaboration, as working together it recognises it will go further and create a greater positive impact. This is the foundation of Sappi´s new Supplier Code of Conduct, recently shared with supply chain partners.

Graeme Wild, Sappi’s group head of investor relations and sustainability, comments, “We are committed to collaborating with our suppliers to ensure they understand our values, ethical standards and environmental requirements so that together we can make a greater positive impact on people, planet and prosperity. This will enable Sappi’s supply chain partners to further support Sappi’s sustainability journey and help us expand our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sappi believes that sustainable growth must be based on a solid foundation of sustainable profits, promoting the interests of people and respecting the boundaries of the planet.

“We view our suppliers as key business partners who play an important role in helping us realise our vision. We are convinced that suppliers who commit to sustainability will not only increase their value to Sappi but will also strengthen their own businesses,” adds Wild.