Used in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors in Southern Africa, MiTek’s prefabricated timber roof trusses are highly popular.

By MiTek | Photos by MiTek

Up on the roof with MiTek

With a manufacturing facility in Gauteng and regional offices in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban, MiTek supplies a wide range of timber connectors to the local building industry as well as hardware stores and manufacturers of roof-trusses.

MiTek marketing manager, Hennie Viljoen, explains that a prefabricated timber roof is a fully-engineered structure that delivers a practical and versatile roofing solution that is cost-effective and quick to install. “When compared with a traditionally built roof, a prefabricated trussed roof will typically deliver considerable material savings, often using 40% less timber than site-made roof trusses,” says Viljoen. “The importance of minimising site waste has never been greater, leading the majority of house builders to prefer premanufactured building components,” he adds.

“MiTek eCo Fasteners are timber and steel fastening devices that provide strong and rigid connections to any building structure in which they are applied. MiTek products have been built on innovation and a tradition of building quality in everything we do. Our connectors will ensure your structure is optimised to be safe and code compliant,” says Viljoen.

With constant Research and Development (R&D) and new products developed every year, MiTek has crafted numerous code-compliant engineered solutions that waste less time, material, labour, steps and cost. Founded in 1955, and a Berkshire Hathaway company since 2001, MiTek’s track record consists of continuous growth and successful engagements for customers over the last 60 years, on 6 continents, in 100 countries.

Advantages of eCo Fasteners:

  • 100% compatible with Ulta-Span, our light guage steel truss system, eCo Fasteners are uniquely designed, durable, easy to use, load tested and marked for their respective applications. Thereby providing full compliance with CPA requirements.
  • Available in over 800 hardware stores nationwide and used by over 130 licenced MiTek fabricators, eCo fasteners are ideal for South African conditions but are also extensively used in other parts of the world.
  • Accompanied by technical specifications and backup support from our dedicated teams of experienced professional engineers, DIY users and building professionals will find these fasteners offer multiple solutions and produce the safest connections of any building system.