By Dolphin Bay

Bundu Pale founder, Alewyn Janson, taught his son, Teunis Janson, that it takes hard work and overtime to build a good reputation, which can be lost very quickly.

The Dolphin Bay Quality Pledge is a guide for making good practice visible and will help timber treaters to keep their good names, says Teunis, who currently owns Bundu Pale and is the latest industry member to sign the pledge.

“The pledge is long overdue,” Teunis says. “There is pressure on CCA as a product. We need to be open and accountable to the public, and I think this will definitely help.”

The question is not whether treaters should commit to the pledge, “but rather how fast you need to do it,” he comments. “We are just borrowing from our kids, so we need to leave things better, not worse, than we found them.”

As part of the company’s ongoing attention to detail, Bundu Pale has built a large shed with a concrete floor to contain the treatment run-off, at their base of operations outside Nelspruit.

Bundu Pale have been a Dolphin Bay customer for the past 12 years. “Being a family business, I believe in relationships and value them highly – both with my clients and my suppliers. I also value service, and Dolphin Bay does the same,” says Teunis.

The company’s client relationships are built on a commitment to producing quality poles without fail. Dolphin Bay’s Mark Duckham says, “They never take shortcuts, and even go so far as to over-treat in order to provide that extra quality for the client.”

Duckham adds that Bundu has a well-deserved reputation for educating its clients about the industry best practices, and how to source the best quality products. “They eat and sleep quality, and that gets transferred into their product,” Duckham concludes.