The Goscor Group recently announced that it has achieved Level 3 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) status.

The Level 3 rating indicates a 90 to 95 rating on the BEE scorecard and encompasses ownership, management control, skills development, enterprise and supplier development and socio-economic development.

Bobcat Equipment South Africa’s national sales manager Brian Rachman. Image credit: Bobcat

Bobcat Equipment South Africa’s national sales manager Brian Rachman. Image credit: Bobcat

The rating extends to group companies Goscor Earth Moving (GEM), which distributes the SANY brand of construction and related equipment. Despite tough market conditions, GEM achieved significant growth in 2018, and is poised to extend its SANY range even further in 2019, according to managing director Barry Owen.

“As the fifth-largest construction and related equipment manufacturer in the world, SANY is a major powerhouse, with impressive technology. Coupled with Goscor and the Bud Group, that makes for a formidable combination,” Owen comments.

Bobcat Equipment South Africa represents the number one compact materials-handling equipment brand in the world. Not only does Bobcat offer some of the toughest and most innovative machines on the market, it also supplies complete equipment solutions to speed up project delivery, enhances health and safety and improves overall quality, points out national sales manager Brian Rachman.

Goscor Compressed Air Systems (GCAS) has the added capability of supplying and repairing a full range of machines. Mobile and electric compressors, vacuum pumps, dryers and filters are available as well. “We pride ourselves not only on our customer service, but on the longstanding relationships we forge with our customers,” comments sales and business development manager Duane Kruger.

Goscor group marketing communications manager Debby Marx highlights that the Level 3 B-BBEE status is a major achievement for such a diverse organisation, which itself forms part of the larger Bud Group. “It is a reflection on how far we have progressed in achieving our overall transformation goals, which range from employment equity to enterprise development, corporate social investment and other initiatives.”The benefit for customers of GEM, Bobcat and GCAS is that the Goscor Group Level 3 B-BBEE rating allows them to participate in the government’s preferential procurement policy. It also broadens its scope to participate in government tenders, therefore leveraging a significant competitive edge in the industry.