By Rystix

Timber is a fantastic building material for both interior and exterior. There are important maintenance requirements to ensure that timber lasts long and to keep the beautiful finish.

Rystix shares some tips for timber maintenance.

Care and maintenance for outdoor wood

An exterior sealer, which includes a solvent-based alkyd resin, is ideal for outdoor timber. The solvent-based sealer penetrates the wood cells and contains special agents to prevent surface dry rot, insect and fungus attack. It also offers protection against the sun’s harsh UV rays. Because it is not a varnish, the exterior sealer does not peel or flake.

Future maintenance after the exterior sealer has been applied is simple as it requires cleaning, rinsing and recoating the surfaces. Most exterior sealers are available in translucent colours.

Another useful tip for maintaining outdoor wood is by coating it with a water-based sealer. Water-based sealers create barrier layers that protect the wood against the harsh effects of UV rays. Unlike solvent-based coatings, a water-based coating also provides surface protection against moisture and is more abrasive and scratch resistant. This coating is ideal for all areas which are exposed to the weather as well as heavy pedestrian traffic such as decks, handrails, balustrades and stairways. Once applied, future maintenance is simple as coating can be reapplied over most existing coatings, provided no flaking or peeling is evident.

Penetrating oil is also good to use because it is a low film build and deep penetrating moisture-resistant timber sealer. It penetrates the surface of the timber giving a water repellent durable coating. It also has a high resistance to fungal attack through the action of approved fungicides and biocides. In addition, it dries slowly to form an attractive matt sheen which enhances the appearance of the original timber.

A penetrating oil is suitable to apply on any softwood or hardwood including timber with a high natural oil content, or timber that has been treated with wax-based products. The oil is an economical protective coating for exterior doors, windows, patios and decks, fascias, picket fences and all woodwork which is likely to be directly or indirectly exposed to the weather.

Care and maintenance of indoor wood

For interior wood, a solvent-based polyurethane coating is ideal for interior walls, cupboards, doors and ceilings. These can be coated with a fast-drying, low odour interior polyurethane coating, which can also be used on interior furnishings and wooden floors that are not subjected to heavy pedestrian traffic. This coating is also resistant to minor scratching and staining and does not discolour with time.

Future touch up maintenance is only necessary in areas that show wear and tear. A solvent-based polyurethane can be tinted with universal paint tints to any colour desired and can be brush or spray applied to a beautiful finish.

Interior floors and other surfaces susceptible to wear and tear can be coated with a pure acrylic water-based hard-wearing floor coating. This type of coating is formulated to enhance protection and the appearance of wooden floors, tables and counter tops. This coating is also highly resistant to water markings and alcohol spills. The clear finish enhances the natural beauty of all wood surfaces with built-in grain enhancing technologies.

For the best results, it is essential to understand and follow instructions for the selected product.