Jax Oleum has awarded four companies distribution rights to its range of products. With the increasing the demand to be well-presented across South Africa and into neighbouring countries, it became essential for Jax to collaborate with companies that were well-known in the timber industry.

By Jaxx Classics

The companies also needed to have relevant experience and expertise within the industry and share the same business philosophy and commitment to service with Jax Oleum.

Image credit: Pixabay

Image credit: Pixabay

The four distributors have the knowledge and expertise to assist with almost all wood coating needs. They also stock the full range of products from single coat oil-based wood stain, to varnishes, cleaners and all the necessary accessories, to ensure a perfectly finished project or product.

Locations and contact details are available on the Jax Oleum website.


Their ethos: Natural wood is one of the most adaptable and design friendly finishes that one can have in their home or office. Jax aims to continuously bring technologically innovative wooden flooring solutions to improve the beauty in living spaces.

To achieve this, the company is committed to the sustainable sourcing of natural wood. Not only does Jax have a responsibility to customers, but also have a responsibility to the environment. Correctly sourced wood is one of the most renewable resources known to man. Inspired by nature, the flooring uses the skill of man to create a product that is environmentally-friendly, long-lasting and safe for everyone.

Finfloor has a national distribution base thereby making it possible to store flooring, dispatch flooring and recommend installation teams throughout South Africa.


The in-depth knowledge of coatings and sound experience in the woodcraft industry, focuses on the needs and wants of customers. On offer is a comprehensive and complete product range, for each area of the wood finishing industry. The range of products on offer at Vertex Sales and Marketing provides extraordinary possibilities and creative solutions, resulting in beautiful creations, beautiful spaces and project peace of mind.Service and collaboration with architects, interior designers, trade contractors and distributors are essential as it leads to creating the desired finish. Dedication is prioritised and Vertex Sales and Marketing are ready to offer practical advice and technical support where necessary.

Training workshops will be available from the beginning of 2020, where topics such as product information, product trends and general know-how will be discussed.

The team is pleased to offer on-site assistance, ensuring that vision and peace of mind remain on track during every project. Located at their new showroom at 170 Main Road, Somerset West, Vertex Sales and Marketing is ready to welcome and assist clients.


With a hands-on approach, walk-in customers are given the chance to see all the latest stains, and thousands of colours and textures that are setting the trends in the marketplace. In addition, customers can also view and feel the finishes, and weigh up the best option to suit their needs.

Their hands-on approach means that all customers can reap the benefit of not only the years of experience and technical knowledge, but the latest in trends, with many colours and textures as well as fast, friendly and efficient service.

They take great pride in their products and their service but most of all that they are a family business committed to making staff and customers feel at home.


TechniCoats, established in Windhoek, is a reputable Namibian distributor of timber oils and paints, situated in Windhoek. Its unique centralised position allows for a national product distribution and service delivery throughout Namibia. TechniCoats is committed to providing a complete range of the high-quality timber oils similar to Jax Oleum. The company seeks to serve the local community and takes pride in aligning itself with top-performing independent joinery manufacturers in Namibia.