New CNC training facility

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By Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University will unveil a new CNC training facility at the institution’s Department of Forest and Wood Science in 2020.

Stellenbosch University is instrumental in educating our future scientists. It is the only university in South Africa offering a comprehensive four-year BSc degree programme in both Forest Science and Wood Product Science, thus covering the entire forestry value chain. Students enjoy the advantages of a stimulating and diverse programme of study involving research and study in the forests, winelands and mountains of Stellenbosch, as well as versatile employment prospects both nationally and internationally.

The Department of Forest and Wood Science is the only tertiary education institution in South Africa to provide an educational offering at BSc, MSc and PhD levels in both Forest and Natural Resource and Wood Products Science. The presence of these two major disciplines under one roof enables the DFWS to address the full forestry value chain, from forest establishment and silviculture, forest management, timber harvesting and transport, and forest economics to secondary processing for structural lumber, composite materials, bio-energy, green building and other value added products.

The new Computer Numerical Control (CNC) training facility forms a part of the latest programme offering in the wood product science degree course. The recently commissioned 5-axis CNC machine is one of only a few in South Africa and has advance design and manufacturing capability. Five-axis CNC programming and design will form a part of the Wood Product Science undergrad curriculum in 2020 and we plan to offer CNC training to non-students such as Architects and manufacturing enthusiasts.

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