During the Covid-19 crisis, Timber iQ will as far as legally permitted, continue to provide news that will assist economic decision making in both the private and public sectors. Staying visible is key, and the worst thing any of us can do is go off the radar.

Timber iQ is here to help you reengineer solutions amidst coronavirus concerns and get creative! Staying top-of-mind via online channels is important because our considerable database of readers helps you with customer retention — and ensures that you have customers to work with once things are back to normal.

We anticipate that media readership will surge during this challenging time, especially online. As such, we will continue to provide industry-specific news as to how Covid-19 is affecting our specialised industries to keep you in touch with the latest news about the pandemic and to keep track of how key economic actors are responding to the crisis.
Secondly, in addition to continuing to distribute the monthly print edition of our Timber iQ magazine, we are increasing our digital platform capabilities to ensure you can reach your customer — no matter where you are.

Our focus is on serving you through our digital channels. We are still here and keeping our brand alive – we recommend you do the same by contacting us for your editorial and advertising, especially new products, innovations and development on existing products/service. Send your 100-word product and service descriptions (with high-res photo) to ben@interactmedia.co.za and if you are interested in any of the following exciting innovations through our digital channels, then contact angie@interactmedia.co.za:

Show your client an in-depth product demo that includes your technical team. Post your YouTube video of your product or solution in action. We can post ‘virtual factory floor’ tours (for technical concepts for example) to take your client on a virtual tour of a ‘working product’ or concept. Turn your offline events into webinars – we have the means to reach a lot of people at one time, and we can notify our readers about your webinar / event.

You can create presentations with manuals and updates for your long-time customers, and we can broadcast it on our digital channels.

Timber iQ is committed to doing whatever it takes, within the health constraints imposed by Covid-19, to fulfil our mission of proving accurate, credible news to our growing readership base both in South Africa and around the world.