Egger has implemented the controlled shutdown of its Hexham panel products production facility in response to the coronavirus situation, that has created an uncertain and trying environment for most industries globally.

The coronavirus has created an uncertain and trying environment for most industries globally however government and the private sector have shown great steps towards management of mass unemployment through various schemes. Image credit: Global Wood Markets


The Hexham management team has been implementing the move, which was scheduled for completion early in April 2020, over the last week. Egger’s Barony production facility had earlier begun a shutdown process in March 2020, following the temporary closure of its major customers in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Like most companies we continue to monitor the fast-changing situation during the Coronavirus crisis, with the health and safety of our employees, customers and stakeholders being our top priority,” the company said in a media statement.

“Our warehouse and dispatch team will continue to operate in a capacity to meet the requirements of our customers who generally remain on the government’s ‘essential’ list. Other services continue to be manned by key employees working remotely. Significant quantities of our material continue to be used in the construction and fit out of new buildings (including NHS hospitals) and other essential areas.”

The majority of employees at the facility have been placed on the furlough scheme with additional financial support offered by the company. The UKs furlough scheme allows employers to temporarily lay off staff while the government pays a percentage of their wages during the crisis in an objective to prevent mass unemployment.