Timber prices and demand stable in West Africa

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There has been little change in the timber prices of West Africa. Demand is stable, both in the West African countries themselves and in other markets – although there are some indications that demand may be rising in the Middle East.

Demand for timber is currently stable in West Africa. Image gredit: Emaze

Demand for timber is currently stable in West Africa. Image gredit: Emaze

Egyptian importers are looking for timber and have been doing so for a long time now. The Egyptian Timber Federation is inviting offers of sawn timber in the red species and soft species such as ayous and okoume. Egypt is a large wood consumer in construction and furniture, but it imports little wood from West Africa. The country imports timber from southern France and from eastern EU countries because delivery is fast and the product cheap.

Demand is steady from China in ovangkol, okan, belli and sapelli. It is also stable from Europe, with sufficient stocks and supply but buyers are cautious as winter approaches. The South African market is still suffering from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Imports of sawn, finger-joint timber are increasing slowly. In Cameroon, some mills that had stopped operations are starting up, although log supply is still erratic. Exporters say a lack of sufficient customs officials is slowing dispatch of orders.

This information was first published in the Tropical Timber Market Report