The need for healthy homes has hardly ever been more apparent than during the current global condition. Current efforts to reduce the negative impacts of buildings are inadequate. Therefore, the built environment must be designed in a different way.

View from the shared terrace. Image credit: GG-loop with Hexapixel

View from the shared terrace. Image credit: GG-loop with Hexapixel

To bring regenerative collective habitation to all scales of development, Amsterdam architecture practice GG-loop, sharing the vision with Arup, is developing Mitosis: a modular building system created by a parametric design tool following biophilic and user-centric design principles.

GG-loop’s goal is to develop an architectural solution that ‘gives back’ to the planet and can serve as a benchmark for the real estate and urban development sector. Mitosis’ vision is to deepen the understanding of its relationship with nature, to raise awareness and sensitise both professionals and the public regarding the importance of biophilic architecture as an answer to the current climate condition.

Sharing the same vision as Arup, GG-loop works to inspire and provide healthy sustainable living communities and net-positive impacts on ecology and society. By working with the natural environments rather than against it, the natural balance and health of the planet can be restored.

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