There are many reasons why South Africans should build with timber. Following are seven of the most quoted reasons:

1. Timber protects the climate

Each cubic metre of timber locks in one ton of carbon dioxide.

2. Timber is a renewable resource

While most other building materials are produced using limited resources, timber regenerates itself.

3. Timber has become a high-tech material

Research and development over the last few years, has provided architects and builders with an opportunity to use timer in new and improved ways.

4. Timber brings diversity to cities

New technology and improved building methods allow architects to design new shapes and to be more creative. Timber is now used even for multi-storey building, and its utilisation in mega cities increases the diversity in these urban centres.

5. Timber is a light-weight material with a high loadbearing capacity

Thanks to light weight of timber (weight of kiln dried spruce is approx. 450 kg/m³), timber constructions are much lighter than its equivalent built from concrete or brick and mortar. This reduces costs.

6. There is no wastage with timber

Trees are never wasted. Every single piece of tree can be used in some sort of way. To remove timber is ecologically sound and happens without a lot of pollution.

7. The aesthetics of timber

Building with timber is often an emotional decision. Timber is not only aesthetically pleasing, but the smell of timber also has a positive impact on the human mood, which has been proven in several studies.

There are several reasons why we should build with timber. Photo by Unsplash

There are several reasons why we should build with timber. Photo by Unsplash