Vaccination rates up, Malaysia relaxes pandemic measures

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Source: ITTO TTM Report 16-30 Sept 2021

Malaysia has recorded just under 25 000 fatalities due to Covid-19 and nearly 2.2 million cases overall since the start of the pandemic.

As of September 2021, about 83% of the adult population (19.3 million people) had been fully vaccinated against the virus, and 94% of adults (21.9 million people) had received at least one dose of the vaccine. Vaccination has now started for people aged under 18.

Image credit: mkjr_ | Unsplash

Image credit: mkjr_ | Unsplash

Health authorities are talking of managing the virus as an endemic rather than a pandemic, given the country’s relatively high rate of vaccination. Accordingly, there has been some relaxation of isolation rules, and various parts of the economy are re-opening, including dine-in eating and domestic tourism, although some restrictions still apply.