Source: Nukor

 A Weima WL4 shredding machine reduces the cost of disposing of wood waste at Calgan Recliners, the only dedicated reclining furniture manufacturer in Southern Africa.

Image credit: Calgan Recliners

Image credit: Calgan Recliners

Garth Anderson, chief production officer of Calgan Recliners, says the furniture frame-making process generates large volumes of pine, saligna and chipboard offcuts. Much of the waste is bulky and fill the skips quickly.

“We are running at full production with 600 employees, and the inconvenience and costs of emptying the waste skips twice a week are increasing. We realised that by shredding the offcuts, we could fit more into a skip,” Anderson explains.

The company contacted the woodworking and sawmilling machines supplier, Nukor, to find a solution. “We opted for the Weima WL 4 shredder, and it is making an enormous difference,” he comments.

“The offcuts, no matter how bulky, are shredded, and the chips and flakes flow into the skips. We are saving money every month by emptying the skips about once every three weeks.”

Anderson says there are plans to add value to the waste next year. The options include separating the solid wood from the chipboard waste and selling the shredded solids to animal breeders. The other is to invest in a biomass system to generate energy. Calgan Lounge was established in Selby, Johannesburg in 1993 by Cecil Kagan. Today the family-owned concern specialises in manufacturing single-seat recliners and recliner suites for independent stores and retail furniture outlets in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Anderson says the business focuses on international competitors and not local competition. “Furniture imports from China killed the case goods industry in South Africa, and we don’t want this happening to our upholstered furniture market. “The only way to compete with international manufacturers of cheap imported furniture is to operate efficiently. We mass-produce modular components at high volumes and serve a diversified customer base,” says Anderson.

“The modular concept allows for better packaging options. Each piece is flat-packed in its wrapping for easy handling, loading and delivery. We offer customised options with a one-week turnaround time.”