A coalition of timber industry associations is collectively hosting the ‘World of Wood Festival’ from 25 October to 3 December at the Building Centre in London, online, and virtually. The six-week celebration of global timber and global forests coincides with COP26 climate talks being held in Glasgow in the first two weeks of November which brings together heads of state, climate experts and campaigners to agree on coordinated action to tackle climate change.

Image credit: Brett Zeck | Unsplash

Image credit: Brett Zeck | Unsplash

Designed to inform climate change policy and raise awareness of the mitigation opportunities presented by the forest products sector, the World of Wood Festival will showcase the vital role that forest supply chains have to incentivise sustainable forest management, increase carbon sequestration both in forests and products, and substitute for more carbon-intensive building materials.

Devised and coordinated by the UK Timber Trade Federation (TTF) and CEI-Bois, representing European woodworking industries; the team has created an alliance of over 40 separate associations, organisations, businesses and campaigns representing global forest growth and development, engineered mass timber and wood-based products from Indonesia to Ghana, Australia, North America and China.

This initiative is also supported by UK Aid, under the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s FGMC programme (Forest Governance, Markets and Climate). Details of World of Wood Festival events, free to participants are available at: https://worldofwoodfestival.org/events/

Source: Tropical Timber Market Report