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Timber iQ – Design & Construction is a glossy magazine dedicated to all aspects of timber design and construction, bringing its readers relevant content that is in tune with the local market, as well as showcasing project features with international flair. Now entering its third year, Timber iQ engages industry leaders to share their expertise and insight, highlights top-class products and services in the local market, connects local trade through important industry information and company profiles, and features some of the most beautiful timber-infused architecture and design. Timber iQ also offers the informed consumer a practical and inspiring read that enhances their interest in timber and encourages the use of timber in practical DIY applications.

Timber iQ pays homage to timber, not only as a practical and green building material, but an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional building materials. Our readership includes architects, specifiers, designers, contractors, builders, furniture manufacturers, sawmills, joineries, timber merchants, industry associations and their members (like the ITFB, ITC, SAWPA, TASA, SAWLFA, FBUMA, GRFMA, KSA, etc.) and suppliers to the entire value chain – from industrial tools and machinery, to fixtures, fittings, coatings and sealants.

We invite you to advertise your products, projects or services in what is fast becoming a firm favourite with industry professionals, and the most informative South African publication dedicated entirely to timber construction and design.

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