Cutting consumables and capital equipment distributor First Cut welcomes the BLM SC425 – a semi-automatic upstroke circular sawing machine that cuts in more ways than one.

Available locally from First Cut, the BLM SC425 aims to bring higher levels of efficiency to manufacturing and fabrication businesses. The sawing machine is ideal for making straight or angled cuts in steel tubes or profiles, thanks to the SC425’s convenient rotating head. While the operator needs to position the workpieces manually, thereafter, the clamping and blade motion is automatic.

Overall, the machine has been designed to be simple to operate, and to save time when switching from one type of production to another. Adjusting the SC425 requires no tools; and adjustment controls are conveniently located within easy reach of the operator.

The SC425’s highly robust construction and small footprint make this machine suitable for the most demanding and continuous applications. As stipulated in international regulations, the full range of safety devices – such as a stop button, electrical overload protection and electrically interlocked accesses – guarantee operator safety under all operating conditions.

The cutting head is equipped with backlash-free helicoidal gears and interchangeable reduction gears. These, together with the two-speed motor, allow 10 different cutting speeds. The cutting head’s stroke can be quickly adjusted by means of a graduated manual control wheel located on the front of the base frame.

The feed can be regulated up to 3 000mm/min. The work-piece is clamped between an adjustable reference support at the rear of the machine, an adjustable hydraulic clamp in the vertical axis and two front side stops. The rotating table on which the cutting head is mounted can be swivelled and locked at 90°, both in the left- and right-hand positions. There are also positioning stops set at commonly used angles such as 0° and 45°.

Once the cut is complete, the workpiece is raised from the rotating table by two hydraulically operated rollers, one on each side of the machine. This makes it easy for the operator to reposition the workpiece in preparation for the next cut. A closed-circuit lubrication cooling system comes into operation during the cutting cycle. Cutting chips are collected in an easy-to-remove container located inside the SC425’s base frame.

The BLM SC425 – a semi-automatic upstroke circular sawing machine.

The BLM SC425 – a semi-automatic upstroke circular sawing machine. Credit: First Cut